10 Best Transformational Books

Some books can simply transform your life, give you a new perspective and can change dramatically your way of thinking. They have the power to enhance your life and help you be the best version of yourself.

Books are like magic portals, they can initiate you to awakening.

Here are some of my favorite titles that really have helped me on may levels. I hope you find some special gems!

And don’t forget, if you find yourself with more books than what your library can take, listen to the message and perhaps share or donate with friends. Make space for the new! They will also benefit from it.

Happy reading!



1. “Wheels of Life” – Anodea Judith

A wonderful journey learning how to explore and balance our chakras using meditations and yoga movements. There’s a lot of spiritual wisdom, creativity and tips on how to enhance our energy and manifest our dreams. The best book on chakras out there!

2. “Anatomy of the Spirit” – Caroline Myss

This book has become my bible on healing and reading people’s energies. It explains the connection between any illnesses and the psychological and emotional stresses, how your biography really becomes your biology.  It brings together universal spiritual truths from the Kabbalah, Christianity and Hindu Chakras. The writing is from the heart… A transformational journey linking mind, body and spirit. A must read!


3. “The Art of Extreme Self care” – Cheryl Richardson

Such  wonderful book, highly recommended to anyone on the path looking to achieve personal power and a more fulfilling and sustainable lifestyle. You will find tips to end self-betrayal, being honest about your feelings and telling the truth, tuning up with routine and life waves, listen to your body, and protect your sensitivity… An easy read that will set the right mood for you to step forward and make healthy decisions to positively transform your life for the better!

4. “Sacred Space” – Denise Lynn

A really fascinating read about the powerful energy fields that can be used to create harmony and love in your home, head and heart.  

From Feng Shui to Shamanic practices, everything you need to know about the art of creating a sacred and healing space where to live, work and thrive. The author has so much knowledge from native traditions around the world and shares effective techniques such as Spirit Smoke, Purifying Fire, The Art of Placement, Mystic Sound and Shaman´s Way…A beautiful book to help hold your home sacred and nurtured.

5. “Big Magic” – Elizabeth Gilbert

This one just blows my mind! Elizabeth Gilbert’s style is effortless and I love how she can make you grasp profound transformational truths in such a honest way that’s easy to understand and capture immediately. This one is all about finding your dreams and live a creative life beyond fears while exploring the mysteries of inspiration.

If you’re an artist, if you have a creative passion, this will take you on an adventure of courage, enchantment and joy and purify your motivation. It includes some practical advice along with the author’s own experience, letting all our humanity shine and being okay with stumbling and  starting again… There is no illusion about becoming the perfect creative, but rather allowing what needs to be expressed with persistence, handling the frustrations and relaxing in the process, enjoying what makes you come alive.



6. “Many Lives, Many Masters” – Brian Weiss

A life changing classic, this is the true story of a prominent psychiatrist, his young patient and the past-life therapy that completely changed both their lives. I found this book a couple of years ago in a library and just felt a strong pull towards it…

The book shows how past lives regressions can be a powerful tool in healing emotional problems and phobias.

It will open doors if you have never considered the validity of reincarnation and will change your life forever!

7. “Ask your Guides” –  Sonia Choquette

Another beautiful and inspiring text where you’ll find all the information you need to connect with your spirit guides so you can enjoy the love, abundance and happiness you’re entitled to!

We are spiritual beings and the author teaches us how to connect with our angelic spirit guides, helping and entertaining our time on this beautiful Planet Earth.



8. “Spiritual Liberation” – Micheal Beckwith

So much depth and insights here about spiritual development! A vibrant narrative with lots of affirmation, exercizes and a strong message drawing from both ancient and modern teachers.

Michael Beckwith touches the soul making you find that divinity, nobility and joy inside each one of us. The perfect book to help you ignite the desire to establish and cultivate a genuine and empowering spiritual practice. A guide to fulfill your Soul’s potential!

9. “A New Earth” – Eckhart Tolle

A classic to always come back to from time to time and read again and again… Tolle enlightens us by showing us how to release attachment to the mind by experiencing life right here and right now, in this very present moment. By letting go of past and future, we stay mindfully in the present until it fades in a luminous emptiness.

10. “A return to Love” – Marianne Williamson

A marvelous life changing book. Williamson explains in vivid detail how thoughts and perception can literally alter your life. It explains how to choose happiness everyday, the importance of forgiveness and will make you break free from any conditioning of the world and boost your self esteem.

This book a real turning point!

Don’t forget to let me know if you enjoyed and feel free to let me know if there’s any you’d like to add to the list in the comments 🙂

with love, light and bliss,


Kat x