Are you fully expressing your essence today?

ADORNMENT –   The Alchemy of conscious dressing    

Think about the feelings provoked within yourself by what you are wearing. How does it make you feel? Are you comfortable? How many times have you worn something that wasn’t fully “a yes” to you in that moment?

I have always seen fashion as a way of expressing who I am in that moment of my life. The lifestyle, ideas and personal growth. I remember the net skirts I used to make for myself In Art School in Milan, trying to express my uniqueness and creativity within a very mainstream set fashion world and I continued changing style in my 20’s, according to life experiences and places where I lived. When I was in Rio de Janeiro working on costume production for the Carnival a few years ago I recall dressing just like an exotic colorful Carioca in that period of my life. After that I moved to Rome and got a job in a more “serious” Costume Company and what I wore reflected this change. In fact I started to wear more “classic” clothes like plain shirts and skirts (although I wasn’t requested to wear formal clothing at work), which I could never go back to today, but somehow this felt right for what I was experiencing within me at the time. We mute and change riding the waves of life, and it’s fascinating to observe how this reflects the way we dress. Fashion is a feeling and illustrates how you are, without even having to speak.

I am a bit of a transformation junkie myself you might have noticed, I love allowing the next thing to come and embrace something new that is just waiting to be expressed! But in transitions things can be a little bumpy and at times I felt it was hard to express how I felt in a way that made me look good but also made me feel at home in it. Perhaps this was at times when I wasn’t fully in touch with myself and who I really am. When I think of it, all the times in my life when I wasn’t aligned with my essence I also didn’t feel quite right on the outside, and this showed in what I wore. Fashion is like art; it only gets better when you know the value of your individuality.

We all are one of a kind, and once you know yourself inside out then the perfect clothing style for you will automatically follow. Don’t dress for someone else or what is imposed by the fashion industry. Ask yourself what you are trying to say and if you feel comfortable. Are those pants so tight you can’t even sit down in them? Are you really comfortable in high heels? Then why wear them!


I have been thorough different styles and changes and realized that you can be sexy and stylish with simple clothing that tone up your good features and can be used for different activities or occasions. It doesn’t have to be THAT DRESS to look good for a date and another for the beach or walk in the park, you can have great items suitable for many situations and feel like you are flowing in your life always embodying your true perfect being, in all its kaleidoscopic faces of strength, sensuality, weakness, and uniqueness.When you know who you are and can accept yourself in all your different aspects, then you are on the right path. Use adornment as a way to express your being, or who you aspire to be Smile and be authentic and people will magically be drawn to you.