Astral Insights


Here we are at almost the end of the year…and what a year it has been…

Tonight is the Winter solstice. Winter Solstice is the longest night, when the world turns white (if we’re lucky) and the air turns cold… Everything on Earth undergoes a mysterious transformation ready to be reborn in spring.

This is a powerful moment when the Sun moves into Capricorn and sets the tone for how the year’s events will develop.

There is a potential for revolutionary change and rebalancing on all levels.

This is a perfect time to imagine and CREATE a new story that can lead to new possibilities for us…  It’s a cosmic call to be our own leaders! Ask yourself: what do you want your future to look like?

As the world sleeps, now is the magic moment to go within and plant new seeds. Find your ground, stay flexible and centered.

How do you envision your New Year? I am personally going to start  with some travels to India, Thailand and Bali to root more deeply in what makes my heart sing: practice yoga, meditation and producing new designs for Andara Stars! It is now that we can contemplate what it is that we really  want and how we can make those changes to embrace what it is that the cosmos (and our soul) are whispering is our destiny.

Let’s tune into our Soul and align our heart with the Earth and the Heart of the Cosmos.

Welcome to a new time, a new season and a new opportunity to be our blossoming future Self.


HAPPY SOLSTICE to each and everyone one of you!