Bali Magic

Bali is a sacred, healing and powerful land that I had the privilege to visit for the first time in April, 2013.

I often dreamt times of an exotic, deeply spiritual and sweet place where one could walk easily through temples, offerings and natural wonders, all wrapped in a spell. 


I never thought a place so blissful and evocative could exist, until suddenly, I looked into Bali. Dreams are road signs of the soul, you can get revelations and insights from them, but I will discuss this in another post as it’s such a big subject close to my heart that it deserves special attention.

I was planning a trip to India to study yoga, and thought of continuing my trip to Indonesia since I was on that side of the world. I looked into it and found out that the land looked really special. Of course I also saw the movie Eat, Pray, Love, which confirmed that Bali, with such beautiful locations, was the closest representation to my dream place.

I then discovered that lots of incredible people, currently on Earth making a beneficial contribution to the planet and spreading light, were gathering in Bali and lots of spiritually and physically enriching activities were happening on that tiny Hindu island. I had to go!

monkey forest baliAnd yes, wow, I wasn’t disappointed, Bali totally blew me away in so many ways, I am so grateful to the people and the magic of the place, it’s truly the most sweet and beautiful place I have ever seen! Everything there is infused with sacredness; the houses, the offerings, the processions and many festivals…everything is sweet and gamelan music is in the air. Monkeys are jumping around and luscious forests and natural wonders surround the island.

I attended  Sacred Circularities, a global project to amplify the energy of love through hula hooping, (amazing!), and also stayed with an incredible Balinese family of dancers and musicians, called Semara Ratih. I LOVED staying with them, and I took Legong dance classes everyday with my teacher Ibu Ayu. Balinese dance is sensual, with footwork, finger movements and facial expression, it has some similarities to Indian classical dance in some ways, but I feel it is a lot easier and leaves you more freedom of expression. I learnt one choreography and bonded with the family, saw many performances and I feel very at home with the movements and gestures. I am looking forward to more!