Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014

It’s now been more than a week since the Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014, but my heart feels called to put on words what an amazing experience it has been to participate; as a stall holder, as a yogini, as a human being.

Our Andara Stars stall was a success, we loved to adorn each one of you that passed by with our clothes. Our hope is to convey a sense of empowerment through adornment and according to the smiles of those who left the stall feeling happy and embodying their bright future selves, we fulfilled our purpose and this makes our hearts sing!

There have also been spontaneous hugs, laughter, moments of deep connection and incredible surprise meetings.

The ecstatic kirtans made us let go in wonder and sing with a collective heart.

Andara Stars Stand at Barcelona Yoga Conference 2014

With so many great yoga masters reunited in one event, it was difficult to choose which class to go to! I personally particularly loved Anastasis Koutsogiannis and Danny Paradise duo class, Zorba energy and Ashtanga Shamanism were really powerful. Playfulness was woven into the class, which always liberates from the thinking mind and helps arise aliveness; it also helped laugh off moments when difficult asanas didn’t quite turn out. Lovely Lulu and Mishka heart songs were playing in the background too, which gave us moments of spontaneous dance and meditation.


The general feel of the festival was of oneness, connection and joy; all this in the seductive city of Barcelona, with its wonderful sights and vibrant culture.

Now we are back to “real life” and sometimes the transition can be a bit a little bit bumpy… but remembering how we felt in Barcelona, carrying the good mojo and practicing can help smoothen and sweeten those little “bumps”. The magic stays with us!

We are already looking forward to the next 2015 gathering, we want to thank everyone that joined this unique experience. We love us all!

Ohm shanti