Barcelona Yoga Conference 2016 – Paint your magic

andara-stars-barcelona-yoga-conferenceWe’re almost ready to go to one of the most soul loving festivals of the summer, in one of our favorite cities, Barcelona!

We’re so excited to share our offerings to you and meeting lovely people, eating delicious high frequency food and stretching out in the sun.

This year is gonna be fantastic, we have David Williams for Ashtanga, Meghan Currie for Vinyasa , Simon Park liquid Vinyasa, Jai Uttal for the best kirtans and so many more…

We are so grateful to participate, this year we have in store a few surprises for you!

What inspires you, what brings you light and joy? What is your creative love? Your passion? Express yourself in our Vision Canvas and sign up for a chance to win 100 Euros worth in clothes from our brand!

Plus we have an exciting surprise for those who partecipate to embody their inner goddesses and rock the conference…


We are so looking forward to seeing you there!




Kat x