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Be Conscious


Lamise Mansur


We must come to see and treat one another as fellow human beings sharing the same fragile planet; we are truly all together in this and conscious consumerism of finite resources of fuel and energy is a basic responsibility.

Every time we buy a product we impact the world. So as consumers we do have the power to make a positive contribution to the Earth.  When you are shopping, there is always an alternative sustainable option that respects the environment and human rights next to the one that doesn’t. As the widely respected author and educator Anna Lapp says “ every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

When shopping, choose wisely and ask yourself some basic questions to help you make the buying decision: is it fair trade? Is it recycled? Is it non-toxic? Is the brand you are buying doing something good to the world or is it exploiting labourers?

Now sometimes these options are more expensive and this puts your back up against the wall.  Our philosophy is “buy less, but better”.  Right now the world is consuming too much, too fast and if we take a moment to think before purchasing, we’ll be much happier with less, but higher quality. The unsustainable option may have a ridiculously low price, but that is only because somebody is paying for it elsewhere.




At Andara Stars, we are proud of our ethical and profit share procedures where we support a small family business run by women, in Bali, Indonesia.

There is a lot of laughter and  love woven in the making;  no worker is stressed by tight production goals. The seamstresses feel at home in the workplace and Balinese traditions and ceremony days are respected.

Our clothing line is made with natural fibers and dyed organically. True beauty comes from nature and we strive to keep the most earth-friendly environment.