Conscious Focusing – Why you should listen to your body

I know that I spend so much time trying to figure out the future, where I’m going and what I’m going to do next. Don’t you?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that the right time is now and I am already where I am supposed to be. My journey’s been for my greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be in order for me to be living this present moment. Sometimes I look back at my events in life and realize that everything that has happened, whether I liked it or not, had a message for me and it was right there were I was! Everyone is on their own unique path of life, so you can’t judge someone else’s situation even if you’ve been through it, simply because every journey is different. In your very own unique path you can trust your own senses and bodily sensations , simply accepting what it is, in this moment.
You can feel that you have a deep intelligence within you!
I can take time to FEEL the present right now.
As Rumi says ” The inspiration you seek is already within you. Be silent and listen“.

conscious focusing
Conscious Focusing

Focusing is the process of listening to your body in a very gentle way, just accepting, noticing whatever it is in this moment for you.
In this way, your bodily sensations may (or may not) give you messages that your inner self wants you to receive. And it is totally ok too if in that moment nothing happens. I personally think the importance of his practice is to consciously take time to give your body a chance to speak to you. Our modern world is so full of constant entertainment, we do need a calm moment to explore what our own body wants to tell us! Our body has an inner wisdom encoded, let’s not ignore it!

Take time to bring awareness into your being, sensing if there is something there for you. You can take as long or as little as you like and you can do it with a companion too, holding space for each other. You can play “Focuser and Companion” and then switch roles. The Focuser can choose how many minutes would like the process to last for. The companion should simply reflect the focuser’s feelings; it’s important not to try and interpret what is said or ask questions; don’t say things back things that aren’ t there or give advice. The companion should simply hold the space, bring awareness into their body and take a breath before saying back what the focuser said. After the Focuser has spoken, the Companion can say things like “You’re sensing… you’re noticing…” and reflect.
The point is just being a presence for the other person for that moment of awareness.
The focuser should be physically comfortable, can either stand or sit, have the eyes open or shut and choose whether she or he wants to work on an issue or just bring awareness inside. As a Focuser, you can tell you companion where you want them to sit, you can be silent for as long as you like, and end the session before time is up if you feel the need to. Notice what wants to be expressed, only bodily senses like maybe some tightness in some area, whatever it is, your body will guide you, just take some time to feel it. When something has come to your awareness, describe it to your companion and acknowledge what’s there just as it is. You can settle down with it, letting it know you are hearing it. You can sense it, keep it company with curiosity. Take some time to sense any changes, or notice if there is something more that wants to come out before you stop. Thank your body and everything that came up.

I tried this practice with the amazing Focuser teacher Cathy Pascal at Sacred Circularities, and I have seen really amazing goodness coming from it; quiets your mind, brings you in the present moment and helps you face issues or remove blockages you may have.

I found Focusing Resources website which can help you know more about it if you’re interested, there’s quite a lot of information.

Enjoy the discovery!