Get clean and clear after the holidays!

Use these 5 steps to jumpstart the New Year and get back on track

We had Christmas, Boxing day, New Years, Little Christmas or the Epiphany and I am sure we have all enjoyed celebrating and eating wonderful delights that these holidays bring us.  But is not uncommon after this time of the year to feel a little out of energy, toxic and stagnant, because in all the merry of the festive season we may have forgotten to keep our Life Force alive and awaken.

We may have indulged in a little too much sugary/dairy/alcoholic delights, and perhaps eaten more than we exercised.

So here are some simple tips for you to get back on track feeling clean and clear, getting back the energy you need on every level:

· Get Outside – Take some time each day to have a walk outside. It is no secret getting out is good for you and if you can, go into nature or some green space nearby. It will make you feel more at peace, energized and alive.

· Yoga Every-damn day – Practice Yoga and all is coming! If you haven’t been on the mat these days, remember the later you’ll get on it, the more sore you’ll be. It isn’t important how much you do or achieve, but that you make some time for your practice and keep the flow going: some days just Sun-Salutations can be enough. Remember to Breathe!

· Juicing or Light Eating – Do a Juice fast for 2 or 3 days. Drinking vegetable juice can give you a natural energy boost and provide you with all the nutrients you need.

Meditation is always a good practice

If you find it difficult to do that, you can start with a few days eating lightly steamed vegetables and a little brown rice, with no fatty dressings. Your digestion system will thank you for it! (If you need recipes or want to know more about this you can also check our previous post Why only 5 a day? ) Use always organic vegetables, you don’t want all the chemicals and pesticides in conventionally grown fruits and veggies, especially on a detox! By buying organic, you will also support the local farmers.

· Meditation – Meditation induces happiness, reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It is easy but it takes practice.  Sometimes the mind is still, other times the mind is busy. The idea of meditation is to still the mind and concentrate on a single object; your breath, a candle flame or a mantra. Relax your body and focus on your breath. Slowly inhale a full breath, feeling like you are taking in all the happiness, love and light. As you breathe out, imagine exhaling all worries, fears, darkness and troubles. Continue to breathe in and out, releasing the mind from any thought. Like everything, the more you practice, the easier will be, and you will experience the many benefits!

· Manage Technology – We have surely spent time texting, messaging, posting and tweeting Happy Holidays to all our contacts and maybe spent a bit too much time on social media. It is now a good time to step back a little on technology; it is a false belief that when we respond to everyone, we will be free and finally able to relax. Allocate some specific time on the screen and take time to respond to non-urgent messages. It is difficult to relax or keep the focus when we’re waiting for the next interruption. Procrastinating on these platforms only drags our precious energy!


It is our hope that these little tips will help you make a more balanced return to your daily routines after the holidays. Staying positive and connecting to what is really important to us is key.

Have a fabulous 2016 everyone!