Live your dreams, Live the life you love!

We know everyone loves a dream.

That’s why we created last July, especially for the Barcelona Yoga Conference event, a big Dreamcatcher for everyone to hang a dream or intention on, to promote and expand everyone’s dreams and visions.

If you participated and were at this event, we would like to thank you for being part of it! If you weren’t there or didn’t know about it, we highly recommend coming next year to Barcelona if you would like a warm and energizing yoga gathering full of love for the Body and Soul!

We still have this beautiful Dreamcatcher in our studio, with so many wonderful little messages hanging like stars… I thought I’d be nice to share some of the messages with all of you, (since it was anonymous anyway) it is always inspiring and illuminating to see what we all long for and desire.

There were different intentions and visions, dreams of service, of the arts, of family, of self-exploration, some wished for universal peace and unity. Every single dream is important; we wanted all the festival participants to write their dream down because once you name it, it becomes more real!

We collected hundreds of dreams!! We’d like to share just a few of them for you to read, they are all very special:

  • Feel the fear and do it anywaydreams-barcelona-yoga-conference-andara-stars
  • Unity between all human kind
  • Travel the world
  • To become happy
  • Balance, joy, simplicity
  • To maintain the Barcelona Yoga Conference Spirit in my daily life
  • Become a yoga teacher
  • To be happy and loved
  • More consciousness in the world, everyone needs to put their grain of sand
  • Stay with open heart, all goes away, love stays
  • Be less attached to certain people
  • Be in love again
  • Become a sound healer
  • Success
  • Find my soulmate
  • Fully accept who I am
  • For my mother’s health and quick recovery
  • Freedom for everybody
  • Travel to Tanzania
  • Be a whale trainer
  • Find the one
  • Love and light


dreamcatcher-yoga-andara-starsYou may find relating yourself to some of them, I certainly do. It is amazing to see how we all want different things but in the end what connects everything is love and happiness. We all want to feel loved and happy, no matter where we are, who we are or what we do. If we express our love, and rejoice in health and happiness for others, we will feel more love and happiness for ourselves too.

If you are interested in the subject, I recommend watching the documentary “Happy by Roko Belic, it is a very uplifting and wonderful search on what makes people happy.

So keep going for your dreams, be inspired and excited about them, constantly, and focus energy on them…

Your dreams need YOU to make them come alive!


It all starts with a dream….


With love,


Kat x