The Magical Powers of Animals

I started being interested in in animal medicine and symbology since having more encounters with creatures in the wild and moving to a new home surrounded by nature. The symbols and spiritual powers of all animals have profound teachings and will show you a lot about yourself and the invisible world.

“Realizing that visible bodies are only symbols of invisible forces, the ancient worshipped the Divine Power through the lower kingdoms of Nature… The sages of old studied living things to a point of realization that God is most perfectly understood through a knowledge of His supreme handiwork – animate and inanimate Nature. Every existing creature manifests some aspect of intelligence or power of the Eternal One… “ From “The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P. Hall


wolf-magic-animal-power-1AWAKENING TO ANIMAL SPIRIT

Throughout many ancient cultures, animal totems have been an important part of our connection to nature and finding our place in the world.

In the past shamans, priests and priestesses, individuals tied to the rhythms and forces of nature, would even wear animal skins and masks – to symbolize the reawakening with specific energies. To them, every species had the power to remind them of what they could manifest within their own life.

Just as every person is unique, each spirit animal has different qualities, strengths and personality characteristics.  

Honoring and attuning to your totem animal will help you discover your own hidden strengths and understand your life more effectively. The more you understand your totem, the more you will understand yourself!



Coming to know our spirit animal can be a empowering experience.

Think about which animal or bird has always fascinated you. Of all the animals in the world, which are you most interested now?

You can also begin this journey by spending some time alone among the creatures in nature.

It’s useful to keep a journal, taking note of animal appearances in dreams and works of art, and reflect upon your own unique qualities.

The ancients believed that your animal finds you! Listen closely…



Every animal has a powerful spirit and its own talents.

Study that animal and its specialty; meditate on its qualities as they apply to you and your life’s circumstances.

Research myths and tales associated with the animal; learn its basic qualities, habits and behaviours. This will help you understand how its energies are more likely to manifest within your life.

Here’s some of our favourite spirit animals:


– EAGLEMedicine: Illumination of the Spirit, Healing, Creation

Eagles feed themselves from the earth and soar at great heights up in the sky; they teach a balance of high and low, of being of the earth but not in it. The hidden meaning is to learn to move between worlds, touching all life with healing. A very strong spiritual animal; every society has developed a mythology or mysticism about them. With the Eagle as totem, you will find the confidence and power to reach heights you never thought possible!


– FOXMedicine: Cleverness, quick wit, luck, charm, mischievousness

Foxes are dainty, graceful and lightfooted in hunting. Their hunting technique is a clever form of jumping, rolling and leaping towards the prey, without the prey realizing it is actually hunting. The fox moves closer and closer to the prey in this seemingly non – threatening way, and at the right moment captures its prey. If you have a fox animal totem, you can attune to its energy and learn its magic. With the right behaviour, any prize can fall to you.


– HORSE: Medicine: Wanderlust, freedom, grace, guidance, endurance

The horse is rich in mythology. If you’re drawn to unicorn energy, then it may mean a call to fantasize, dream big and explore your inner child.
It’s interesting to note that horse is also one of the animals which most contributed to the spread of civilization; it served humanity in travel, agriculture and many major activities of our lives. The horse helped people to explore and find freedom.
If a horse has shown up in your life, it may be a time to ride into new directions and discover your power and freedom!


– OTTER :Medicine: Playfulness, intelligence, quirkiness, creativity

The otter is a sweet, playful and joyous animal. It awakens curiosity and has a strong connection to the water life, linking them to the primal feminine energy. If otter is your animal totem, it may be a sign to find some play time or involve yourself in some creative activity. Maybe it’s time to awaken your inner child?


– BEARMedicine: Strength, bravery, confidence and power

The bear is one of the most powerful symbols of the primal natural world.
It has stirred imagination so much that even a constellation was named for it: Ursus Major, The Great Bear. For those with bear as a totem, it is important to stand up for your belief and truths; the bear will give you the power and strength for it.


– WHALEMedicine: Wisdom, peace, power of song, depth of emotion

Beautiful songs are sung by the males, reflecting the ability to teach us how to create with song and sound. By drawing upon your own creative instinct, you can learn to sing forth your own song. When we learn to go deep within ourselves, the creativity we have inside can awaken and resurrect our lives, if we show up for it.
In the Inuit mythology, whales were a gift from the great Spirit.