11 Movies for the Christmas Holidays

We know that a good old movie is probably one of the best ways to spend the time cuddling up with family and loved ones during the holidays… so we’ve put together a little list of classics and rare finds for you to enjoy!

And if you’re favourite holiday movie isn’t here feel free to add in the comments…

Happy festivities to all!


  • Notthing Hill
    It’s a fairy tale and it’s an old one…. A cliché story of the impossible… And yes, you can almost expect what will happen in the end. But it’s so good brit humor, lovable characters and entertaining story telling that it’s perfect for the holiday season!


  • Love Actually
    This is a real classic. It is almost on every list of movies for Christmas available! But it’s simply because it’s the best… I cry all the time,  it’s a brilliant movie with a fun british narrative. Yes, we recommed to watch it again this Christmas, it never gets old!


  • Nightmare before Xmas
    I watch this every Christmas and Halloween. In my opinion, it’s Tim Burton’s greatest work. Jack is trying to recreate Christmas in Halloween Town…. and the visuals, songs and feeling bring you right at the essence of the holiday with stockings and presents and sugarcanes… it may have dark and spooky elements, but I really love it during this time of the year too. I guess you could also watch it for Easter,  there’s also a bunny in it… 😉


  • The Witches of Eastwick
    This is a great one about the power woman have if they bond together — especially if they’re witches! Based on the John Updike novel the movie features Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer who get together to vanquish Jack Nicholson. Is it giving too much away to say that his smile isn’t the only thing devilish about him? Loove it!! one of my favourite girl power movies!


  • My big fat Greek wedding
    Hold on to your Windex!! One of the most fun romantic comedies… It’s a pleasure to watch and will make you do some very much needed abs work after overeating by laughing your pants off! Join the party with the Portokalos… Ooopa´!!


  • Addams Family
    Remembering from 1991… After so many years, “The Addams Family” is still one of the best comedies of all time.


  • Chocolat
    May not be considered a classic for Christmas, but I think it’s so good and another one of my favorites. Johnny Depp is outstanding. Juliette Binoche is radiant. And Judi Dench is her fantastic….With some romance, some drama, and a sprinkle of magic… Seen it so many times and it always satisfies!


  • Hachi: A Dog’s Tale
    If you’re a dog lover, if you love animals, if you have a soul, than this will deeply touch you!! Hachi’s story is a beautiful testimony to loyalty, patience, and friendship. It’s a love story as well, and teaches us to show up day after day in love and devotion. Don’t forget they tissues!


  • The Muppets Christmas Carol
    This is one of the best holiday films and you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t have kids ;). Muppets are entertaining at any age. A must see for the season!


  • Scrooge
    This one was designed as a follow-up to 1968’s
    Oliver, the Oscar-winning musicalization of Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. It’s a musical  and you will cry out loud and sing along the heart touching songs… Highly recommended and well-crafted Christmas gem.


  • A Charlie Brown Christmas
    A true classic! A
    must watch for anyone to get that special feeling about Christmas… For all the family!