New Moon in Leo and Solar Eclipse (August 21st 2017) Find the meaning for your sign!

We are living a unique and special time today with a powerful New Moon in Leo and rare Solar eclipse.
Eclipses are looked at as a big turning points where shifts, openings, endings and new beginning will take place.
Not only on this day, but the effect will last or show up to the next 2 years! Let’s not expect a miracle just on August 21st. We can take the energy in and let it move and settle; the results will come.

Everything that is not aligned with our highest good and purpose will be exposed to us; masks and illusions will be stripped down and we’ll see things for how they truly are.

Any old relationship we have unresolved will show up in dreams, communications, thoughts, places and things so we can let them go and clear the space or reconnect and rebuild them with fresh new energy.

It is very important to consciously work with the energy of this Eclipse so that it can help us to make positive changes in our entire life, based on what we feel is truly fulfilling to us.

Take time to journal, meditate, relax, walk into nature, take epsom salt baths, spend time with your loved ones.

You can make a little ritual, by gathering around the fire or under the moon and write down everything you wish to release, and then burn the paper.
You can then write what you wish to manifest in your life, and then make a plan of action and go for it!
Everything is possible right now so it’s a great opportunity to work with these energies to manifest a powerful, positive transformation.

Here is a little sign specific horoscope to help you navigate this powerful times:



this eclipse will bring forth your creative expression. It’s also a big moment to take a chance on love! New beginnings are on their way.


this eclipse focuses on matters close to home and family. Maybe a change of address, or a family member may be in the spotlight.


it’s a great time for self expression and communication. It’s also an opportunity to take the time to start being more honest, especially with close family and friends.


this solar eclipse is an ideal time to achieve your goals and step into leadership! It’s an eclipse related to work and money for you, with a very positive and harmonious prospect.


This is an eclipse in Leo, so it’s a really big deal! You only get one of those every nine to 10 years so make the most of it! This is a very important moment for you on a personal level. You are ready to kick bad habits, start fresh and really have a transformational new beginning. Own your powers!


You will find useful at this time to look within, clear your mind of questions and let go of worry. Slow down, rest and let go of control, so you can welcome something new!


This is a time to stop being people pleasers, and more generally stopping to worry about what people think of you.


It’s a career eclipse for Scorpios. It`s a good time to organize your finances and you may see a new job opportunity, promotion or new position. It’s time to take leadership and focus on your future self!


You will find a great balance between responsability and pleasure. Also, is an important time for you to broaden your perspective: maybe do activities that promote tolerance and promote cross – cultural movement.


Relationships and collaborations will be touched on a positive way, as the eclipse is in Capricorns’ house of merging and intimacy. On a financial level, it´s important to make sure you are supporting financially causes that you actually care about.


Stay grounded in your own life and bring your relationships into balance. This can be a very emotional time for you, so it’s important you have a solid and true friendship where you can feel supported by at this time. Take care of your close people, this eclipse is enhancing your relationships.


It’s time to get clear and clean from bad habits or toxic people around you. This eclipse is favouring your health and inviting you to embrace a healthy lifestyle so you can be of service by offering the best version of yourself.