Sacred Geometry : The root of all languages in the Universe

So many people have asked me: ” What is the meaning of the Andara Stars logo? What does it represent ?”

While I knew some of you could see already where it was coming from, others were just curious of how I put together this attractive shape that feels kind of familiar, but not quite sure where they have seen it before.

I have taken some “artistic licence” on designing it, but the main shape is mainly coming from Sacred Geometry.

What is Sacred Geometry? As writer M.Drunvalo beautifully states, “Sacred Geometry is the root of all language in the Universe.

Metatron’s Cube

Now you may think, “Why I never heard about it, if it’s at the base of all communication ?” The truth is that you actually know it very well, it is imprinted in you and all atoms and elements of nature! Even our own human DNA has a combination of geometries inherent to these sacred patterns. You have seen these repeated shapes in the petals of a flower, honey combs, shells, leaves, drops of water any many more!

Our logo contains the shape of the sacred Metatron Cube, which includes the Tantric Star and the Octahedron cube. The Star in the middle is a reminder that we are all made of stardust and come from the sky. Let’s remember we have Star Power within us!

Metatron’s cube awakens conscious existence and heals the heart, also “contains all the geometrical patterns known in science,” writes Ralph Shepherd in his book Beautiful Schools. “Metatron’s Cube helps us realize the harmony and balance of nature,” writes VanDen Eynden in Metatron.

The Tantric Star symbolizes the union of Male and Female, forming the alchemical component of Prana Breath.

You can see the Metatron Cube shape particularly in the magnified picture of a snowflake under these lines.

Snowflake with a Metatron form

Our logo is a powerful combination of patterns that are part of the Universe and creation.

It’s a reminder that each one of us has extraordinary powers available, if we tap into our highest potential and apply the Universal practices and principles. We are the way stars look back at themselves!

Let’s awaken to our true nature and unleash our gifts to the world.

Sacred geometry is a pure language that cares not for the country of your birth, the colour of your skin or your cultural beliefs. It expresses the interrelating harmony that lies at the heart of creation, transmitting patterns of frequency which resonate with our original Human blueprint.