Sacred space – The art of creating loving and Positive Energy in your home

The home is a being. This statement means that the house you live has an energy, it’s alive and always changing. It’s not separate from you; it has consciousness.

I have changed home at least 10 times in the past 5 years, traveling, working, studying, and I do remember realizing how some spaces would automatically make me feel lighter, happier, more productive and energetic. Other places, not necessarily bigger or more luxurious, made me feel stuck, unhappy, cold and somehow lazier. What is this about?
I remember living in a shared house in England, and feeling so good about my life and living situation although I had limited private space and definitely wasn’t a mansion! Years later I was in sunny Spain in a 3 rooms apartment with all the space I ever wanted; why did I feel less comfortable, less productive and weaker?
My curiosity led me to read books about Feng Shui and the Art of Clearing and Enhanching the energy of your Home. I discovered that the house is truly an energetic living being, and it has a memory!

In my parent’s house in Italy, there’ll be a corner in the terrace where no plants would grow, despite my mum being an excellent gardener. What could be the history of that wall?
The history is recorded in the walls and furniture in the form of subtle etheric and astral imprints. Traumatic or repetitive events are deeply embedded and have an effect on present day occupants.
Also occasionally some old houses may have some earthbound spirits, or ghosts as majority of people call them; they are spirits of once living human beings on heart having a very difficult time being trapped in the physical realm. I have always been scared by them, but actually that is the worse thing to do as like attracts like and the fastest way to attract them in your life is being afraid of them!

There is actually no reason to be scared as they cannot harm you more than your fear can, they only need to leave this physical plane and go to Light, perhaps with your help in an energy clearing ceremony.


A great energy cleaning method is the “Circle Of Life Method“, a Native American Medicine Ceremony which I learned in the book by Denise Linn, Sacred Space. It is also an excellent way of receiving all the energy of nature in your home and bless it. I recommend reading her book, it really has many great resources! In general I like to burn incense, candles and keep crystals in my home, to keep the house detoxed. You can do a lot to raise the energy in your home by clearing clutter, performing clearing rituals, placing artfully lighting and objects.
The aim of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with the Universe, creating a space of balance between Heaven and Earth, Yin and Yang, Man and Nature. It’s definitely worth looking into it to have knowledge of how to enhance your home and make it a more harmonious place.

However I believe that the most important thing, rather than following a set of rules, is to keep an open mind and heart, as it’s really your Intention and Love that will allow the space to radiate with life and spirit.

Remember homes are alive, and need love and acceptance just as human beings, so be gentle on you sacred space!
Don’t think you don’t have the money, time or physical energy to create the space you want, just pour some gentleness and loving acceptance, it works wonders… In the end, is the vision you hold in your heart that will make your home a positive energy oasis!