What to bring to a Yoga Retreat – Essential Packing List to make the Most of your Holidays!

Going to yoga retreats is a new great adventure and also a great opportunity to learn a lot about yourself. It is an amazing experience and we can’t recommend it enough. Spending time immersing yourself in practice, meditation, nature and discovering new places and people is a great way to restore, renew and raise your vibration.
But what to bring? I am an experienced and seasoned globe trotter always on the move for the next adventure and yoga workshop so I’ve put together a little list for you to help the packing go smoother!

“He who would travel happily must travel light.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

We love this quote! And although I must admit it is always hard for me to stay on the light side, in the end I always realize you don’t actually need as much as you think.
First of all, I would recommend considering your daily activities. Don’t pack by numbers of pants or tops, but by events and occasions. This really helps me make decisions. For example, you may have 5 days morning sweaty asana practice, then afternoon beach or exploring towns nearby, then evening dinners or gatherings.

The best thing is to have clothes that can be used for multiple events: say something that will make you feel cosy and stylish for hanging out in the evenings with your new friends, but could also be used on the beach or for going out in the day.

Or a workout top that can be used for practice, but also won’t make you look like a typical tourist if you go and explore towns nearby in the afternoon ;). You get the idea!

Andara Stars has a few items that do exactly this double duty job, and you will always be complimented about how stylish and beautiful you look in every occasion – it’s been proven!
The Lakshmi dress is a perfect lightweight piece to wear with a shawl and bangles/earrings for dinner, or on top of your bikini during the day. It’s the perfect garment to feel fresh and light on a hot day but also sensual and feminine to flirt with that cute guy at the bar in the evening… 😉 Another great piece from our collection is the Jaya Pants: soft like a breath and super comfy for meditation or movement, but also a great item for lounging. Combined with any of our tops, you’ll be sure to have an easy fit and eco-luxe look to relax and enjoy your holiday.

Another great point to our collection is that all our fabrics are easily packable and don’t crinkle so you won’t need to worry about hanging everything perfectly or having to find a laundrette that irons too. You can just pack some travel washing liquid and give it all a quick wash in between activities, it´ll dry quickly and nicely.
Accessories are really important as well as they really help transform the outfit from the beach to the bar effortlessy, plus don’t take much space in luggage. To be fair, you’ll probably find cheap and exotic boho-chic jewellery at your destination that you may want to buy, so maybe you could pack only your favourite and also leave some space for a little shopping.
WHAT-TO-BRING-YOGA-rETREAT-andara-starsSo to keep it simple:

  • 2-3 yoga pants and tops
  • beach/evening dress
  • lounging/meditation/comfy long pants and top
  • a nice shawl to keep you cosy (also useful on plane!)
  • sarong or beach towel
  • bikini
  • underwear
  • ear plugs
  • sunglasses/suncream
  • toothbrush and toiletries
  • Yoga Mat! (it’s always nice to have your own..)
  • flip flops

You won’t need many shoes, if you know you’ll want to go on a trek somewhere maybe it’s a good idea to have good sneakers, but otherwise you’ll find flip flops will be fine also in the evenings.
Oh, don’t forget a good book and a journal! It is great to take time to write down your days and insights, so much can come up in this transformational times, you want to keep track of it and come back to your wisdom…

I hope this has helped and that you enjoyed my little tips! Enjoy your journey and revitalize mind, body and spirit in beautiful new lands and enjoy every moment.
Keep your heart happy, relax, unwind and enjoy your evolutionary journey with style!


Kat x
AndaraStars Team