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Who We Are

Kat Carpenter - Andara Stars

Kat Carpenter

Kat is an Italian/English costume designer and maker, yogini and yoga teacher, dancer and believer of the power of playful adornment for achieving transformation. She has always seen clothing as a way of expressing herself and considered it an artform. She has worked in the costume industry internationally for theatres,circuses, operas and carnivals, fascinated by the power of playful disguise and how this helps people to embrace different aspects and emotions within themselves.
Kat travelled in 2013 to Bali, called to the sacred land by mysterious forces… In that luscious tropical setting, Kat realized that passions are the key to live your mission, and united her love for clothing, yoga, dance and spiritual growth into the brand Andara Stars.
You can follow Kata through her site



Jose Barrera

Jose is a Spanish photographer, designer, videographer, dj and lover of life.
He has worked as a freelance photographer for several years and now he run his own design studio.
Jose loves travelling on adventures simple and light and has a free spirit at heart.
He is the official Andara Stars photographer, videographer and web designer. You can visit his web at