Yoga: Music Playlist to Rock Your Practice

We all come to yoga for different reasons, but once we’re on the mat we all want focus, balance, have introspective moments but also fun times. Here’s a little “Namaste Music” list with some new age, electro, devotional chanting, reggae, dub, world and folk music to rock your practice and find new insights!

Some yoga styles or studios won’t have music in the background, but if you’re gonna have a fun vinyasa practice and explore new moves or just stretch to what your body calls you to do, then it’s always nice to have some music on! Sometimes the sounds you are surrounded in can really make a difference and set a tone for a great session.

So here you go, get ready to be whisked away into the soundscape!

Breathe, move and enjoy…

If you have any songs you feel would be a nice add to this playlist, please share in the comments!

We would love to to hear from you 🙂


Top Image by Ben Hemson

Model: Marta wearing our Ohm Top in Eucalyptus.

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